Fruit paste “Meigui” (Fohow Meigui) 120g


Corporation “Fohow” has carried out a research and prepared for production fruit paste “Meigui” (the original name – rose oligosaccharides).

Packaging contains  120 g.

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Product Description

Ingredients: rose blossom extract, oligosaccharides, stachiosis, etc. No sugar.

Packaging contains  120 g.

Expiration date: 18 months from the production date.

Storing conditions: in a dry and cool place.

Corporation “Fohow” has carried out a research and prepared for production fruit paste “Meigui” (the original name – rose oligosaccharides). Oligosaccharides – insoluble organic compounds, classified under carbohydrates (saccharides), also called prebiotics. They are not digested in the stomach, they are not dissolved by certain intestine bacteria (i.e. Escherichia coli). Oligosaccharides play an important role in the human intestine. It is a substance that provides favorable conditions for the development of intestine micro flora, feeds the good probiotic bacteria and stimulates their growth. A recent research has proved that oligosaccharides are able to directly remove the dangerous bacteria and viruses from the organism. In the intestine molecules of oligosaccharides attach to the membrane proteins of the microbe, hold the microbes and do not let them get outside the walls of the intestine. In this way the dangerous viruses and bacteria are removed from the intestine together with oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharides can attach and remove from the organism malignant E.coli enterotoxica bacteria, which are stuck to the intestine walls and cause diarrhea. Oligosaccharides can be found in the artichoke, chicory, leek, onion, asparagus and burdock leaves. They are also present in the breast milk.

The concept of probiotics appeared only ten years ago, but their significance to the health is proved by the excellent results of clinical trials. Mainly they are oligosaccharides that provide the conditions for the probiotic intestine bacteria to develop. A sufficient amount of prebiotics ensures that the probiotic bacteria get their food and are able to multiply. It is possible to say that oligosaccharides are able to balance the human intestine micro flora and subsequently ensure our intestine health. If there are enough oligosaccharides in the organism, the immune system strengthens, metabolism is improved, toxins are removed from the digestive tract much faster and, which is very important after a course antibiotics, the balance of minerals is regulated.

Oligosaccharides – are the new sugars, which influence the healthcare of the organism. The product has a pleasant taste and an obvious effect, it is used for the healthcare purposes. It is possible to include in your diet instead of sugar. It is possible to use regularly. It is an affordable and indispensable healthcare product for elderly people and children.

The most typical representative of the useful human micro flora is bifid bacteria, which carry out the role of micro biological regulation: stimulate the absorption of food in the intestine, strengthen the immunity, have a preventive effect, slow down the growth of pathogenic microflora and decay bacteria in the intestine, etc.


Fruit paste “Meigui” (Fohow Meigui)

“Fohow” corporation has carried out a research and prepared for production Fruit paste “Meigui” (original name – rose oligosaccharides). Oligosaccharides are new sugars which influence the wellbeing of the organism.

The ingredients are the following: rose blossom extract, digosaccharides, stachiosis, etc. Pleasant taste, obvious effectiveness. Used for the organism healthcare. It could also be used as a replacement for sugar. It is possible to use regularly. It is an affordable and indispensable healthcare food product for elderly people and children.

A human digestive tract is a storehouse for many bacteria. According to the influence on the human organism they can be classified into the useful, harmful and neutral. The most typical representative of the useful micro flora is bifid bacteria, which carry out the role of microbiological regulation: stimulate the absorption of food products in the intestine, strengthen the immunity, provide a preventive function, cure the constipation, stimulate the reduction of fat in the blood, slow down the reproduction of pathogenic flora and decay bacteria in the intestine, dissolve the carcinogenic matter, etc. A few hours after a baby is born, bifid bacteria already start appearing in intestine. In 1 – 2 weeks’ time bifid bacteria already take an absolute leader’s position. This is one of the main reasons for a baby’s strong immunity. When aging the amount of bifid bacteria is being reduced, emptiness appears, this is why the disease causing bacteria start penetrating the organism.

How can the function of bifid bacteria be activated in the organism of an adult person and the reproduction stimulated? The first thing that scientists have decided is the consumption of live micro flora that is direct supplementation of micro flora in the intestine (yogurt, etc.). Unfortunately, the research has revealed that the direct consumption of microflora does not provide conditions for the micro flora to create colonies on walls of the digestive tract, but only allows staying for a while. Once you stop using it the useful microflora stops dominating in the colony. This is why scientists created special food for bifid bacteria – bifid factors. It is the food that is not processed and absorbed by the organism. That is why it goes directly into the digestive tract. It exceptionally stimulates the growth and activity of bifid bacteria. This causes the process of auto stimulation and the reproduction of bifid bacteria; it increases the organism’s resistance to the aggression of pathogenic flora, decreases the chances for dangerous diseases to appear. That is why the bifid factor increases the number of bifid bacteria. Many scientists have granted an honorable name of the Fifth generation healthcare product to the bifid factor.

The main ingredients of fruit paste “Meigui”

Stachiosis – tetrose, the structure of which is: fructose – glucose – galactose. Belongs to the difficult to absorb sugars. When consumed with food, it goes directly to the digestive tract and feeds the bifid bacteria and other useful micro flora. Apart from the role of the bifid factor that stimulates the reproduction of bifid bacteria it also carries out the function of healthcare, which comes through a complex improvement of the intestine: stachiosis stimulates the increase of the short chain fat acid amount, acidifies the digestive tract, slows down the production of decay products, suppresses the growth of cholesterol, etc.

Oligocsilose carries out the following function:

Activates the useful micro flora of the intestine. In the intestine of animals and humans different bacteria live, forming the so called colonies of enter bacteria. In order for the human organism to stay alive it is necessary for bifid bacteria to dominate. It is also necessary for the harmful Vensano fuzo bacteria and intestine rod to appear in unfavorable conditions. When aging or in critical, stressful situations general amount of the useful micro flora is reduced. Research has revealed that there is a close relationship between the reduction of the colonies of the useful micro flora and such things as rapid aging of the organism, the weakening of the resistance and immune systems, dismetabolic chronic diseases, also the appearance of malignant diseases, etc. This is why scientists have made a conclusion that if you want to keep the organism healthy, it is the most important to solve the question how to maintain the dominance of the useful micro flora in the digestive tract. Today the optimum functional solution is the taking of small doses of oligosaccharides. The doses are 15-20 times lower than those of oligoizomaltose (izomalt – oligosaccharide); 10 times lower than fructo oligosaccharides (FOS). 0,4 – 1,4 g of oligosaccharides per day is enough for the human organism. The residue of the oligosaccharides in the intestine is more than 98%. Moreover, their influence on the reproduction of bifid bacteria is convincing.

It improves the work of the intestine. According to the data of one of the clinical trials, carried out by Japanese company Santori, 29 pregnant women, suffering from obstipations, took 4g of oligosaccharides every day. In four week time bowel movement was more frequent, and for more than a half of women peristalsis was normalized.

Provides conditions to maintain soft consistence of excrement. The consumption of 0,7 – 1,4g of oligosaccharides helps to maintain soft consistence of excrement. It also helps to reduce considerably the amount of triglicerides (TG) in the serum, to increase the amount of high density cholesterol (HDL) and to increase the excretion of neutral sterols.

Oligosaccharides activate the useful micro flora of the intestine, improve the condition in the case of obstipation, carry out the function of liver protection. Reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, carry out the prevention of cancer in the large intestine, stimulate the production of vitamins in the organism, etc.

Rose blossom extract. Ancient doctors used to value roses. The old tractate “The general Chinese pharmacopoeia” states that rose “regulates the vital energy, eliminates negative emotions, alleviate liver and stomachaches, helps in the cases of different arthritis, blood coughing, in the cases of a disturbed menstruation cycle, bleeding, dysentery, poisoning, and other symptoms.

The work of fruit paste “Meigui”: increases the amount of useful micro flora of the intestine, stabilizes and strengthens the work of the digestive tract; regulates the secretion of the digestive juices, stimulates digestion and absorption in the digestive tract, helps in the cases of diarrhea. Maintains the youth of the intestine, strengthens the immunity, slows down aging, has a cosmetic function. Helps in the cases of allergy and aging muscles. Following the principle “the exterior influences the interior” the paste can dissolve pigmental marks, stimulates the disintegration of melanin and metabolism; provides conditions for a person to have white smooth healthy complexion.

Recommended: fruit paste “Meigui” is recommended to all groups of people without any restrictions.


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