About us

The three principles of product development:

I. The product should have the obvious effect; if the effect is not observed, it is – not our product!

II. The product should be safe and natural; if the product contains “chemistry”, it is – not our product!

III. Product must comply with the principles of scientific culture for maintaining health, compounding should belong to the Corporation of Phoenix; if the product does not meet the theory of Culture maintain health – it is not our product!


Scientific and technical investment holding Phoenix (FOHOW Technology Investment Group Limited Liability Company) – is an international corporation, established by Mr. Yu Fei and his business partners, registered in Hong Kong. Phoenix Corporation specializes in the research, production and promotion of products in many world regions, the health industry – organic food for health maintenance on the basis of knowledge and experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture and maintenance of health.


Zhuhai Research Institute of improving production Yoo Dae – is a company, a member of the Phoenix Corporation. It specializes in the research, development and new product development Phoenix Corporation. This is the first in China research company that specializes in the in the field of wellness and health maintenance products research. Created by the enterprise honorary rector of the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Professor Tang Youzhi, who is the director and the leading specialist research institutes. The Research Institute led by Professor Tang Youzhi – the personal physician of Mao Zedong – are several dozen well-known experts, doctors of TCM, biologists, process engineers and others -. That make up the first-class team of scientists. Three basic structures are formed in the Research Institute: Research Center, Control Center analyzes Experimental Experimental Center. Research output power ensures consumers Phoenix using the most advanced technologies and scientific and adjusted structure of production – and this, in turn, has a solid foundation of high quality products.


Zhuhai scientific and technical enterprise Yupintan biotechnology, Jiang-Manx bioengineering company Quantum Technologies lyantsza, Guangdong Yushin production company for the production of medical products – a powerful industrial base as part of the Corporation Phoenix. The main objectives of these enterprises -. The production of raw materials for production, extraction of TCM plants biobrozhenie raw materials, packaging and sorting of finished products and other plants (plant) have the required GMP certificates, passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, HACCP certification security. The above soft and hard “foundation” guarantees high production and quality standards.