Tea “Luwei” (Fohow Liuwei Cha)


Tea “Liuwei” is the result of consistent research of one of “Fohow” corporation’s scientific research enterprice’s “Ju De” Healthy nutrition Scientific research institute’s specialist group.

Net content: 25 tea packets, 1 packet – 2 grams of raw material.

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Product Description

The tea is produced with the help of the best modern technology for raw material processing. The formula is created out of six main components (tastes) according to TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) principles about the unity of medication and food. The ingredients of the tea are the following herbal plants in the right proportions: Chinese cordyceps, Pu erh tea, (aged 3 years and more), loco (astragalus), sage, ginseng, chrysanthemum, Japanese honeysuckle. The taste of the product is rich, sweetish, aromatic.


Tea “Luwei” is created according to TCM (Traditional Chinese medicine) principles about the unity of medication and food, with the help of the best modern technology for raw material processing from Chinese cordyceps, Pu erh tea (aged 3 years and more). The tea drink is distinguished for rich, fresh, original aroma and sweetish taste. The ingredients of the tea also include the following herbal plants in the right proportions: loco (astragalus), sage, ginseng, chrysanthemum, etc. Pu erh tea has a great influence on the human organism. Pu erh tea normalizes the work of the stomach and intestine, reduces weight, reduces the amount of lipids in the blood, prevents the formation of atherosclerosis plates on the blood vessel walls, regulates the arterial blood pressure, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, diuretic, etc. It is a perfect healthcare product.

Expiration date: 36 months since the production date.

Tea brewing

One packet of tea can be brewed 3-4 times a day at equal intervals. Every time the same packet is dipped into full glass of hot (about 90°C) water for 1-3 minutes (the first time it is enough to wait for a few seconds, until the water is colored). In the evening the concentration of cordyceps and other ingredients will be smaller, this is why the sleep will not be disturbed.

One treatment course with Tea “Luwei” – 25 days. The tea can be used longer.

The tea use indications and duration

Hyperlipemia: 1-2 treatment courses successively every 3 months (the amount of lipid in the blood under control)

Diabetes: 1-2 treatment courses successively every 3 months (the amount of lipid in the blood and urine under control); it is used as an additional treatment measure.

Obesity: 1-2 treatment courses successively several times a year.

Atherosclerosis: 1-2 treatment courses successively several times a year.

Osteochondrosis, arthritis, arthrosis: 1-3 treatment courses successively several times a year.

Other diseases: treatment time is prescribed individually, usually 1-2 treatment courses a year.


Before using cordyceps preparations, it is advisable to prescribe tea “Luwei”, because it is distinguished for a strong cleaning effect.

The main components

Pu erh tea

Recently there have been confirmed more than 20 kinds of influence of Pu erh tea on a human organism, among them – normalization of the stomach work, weight reduction, the reduction of the fat amount in the blood, atherosclerosis, coronary disease prevention; it reduces blood pressure, slows down the aging, suppresses cancer, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood, slows down the growth of harmful bacteria, eliminates inflammation, reduces the effect of the nicotine on the organism, eliminates the consequences of radiation, stimulates the CNS, carries out the prevention of decay, improves the eyesight, eases digestion, has some detoxicating qualities, prevents constipation, decomposes alcohol, stimulates diuresis, etc.

Pu erh tea usually includes several types of taste – sweet, bitter, sharp, sour, “water taste”, bland, etc. Bland taste is especially significant as an absolute tribute to Dzen tradition. This particular detail makes the Pu erh tea one of the most expensive kinds of tea. The best tea has many subtle aromas and shades. The aromas and shades are classified into several main types: orchid aroma, date aroma, lotus aroma and camphor aroma.

Pu erh tea is grown in Junnanjo province, Sisuan Banjna region. As since the old times this kind of tea has been gathered and packaged in Pu erh region, it was named after the town.

Pu erh is also Pu erh Chani nation’s municipality center, that belongs to Siamese district. It is situated in the south of Junnanjo province, 373 kilometers away from Kunjamino town. The ancient name of the town is Niner district. In the language of Chani nation the word Pu erh means “village on the water” with a slight notional shade – “house, patrimony”.

The history of Pu erh tea can be traced back up to the East Chanj dynasty, which is more than 2000 years old. In the folk tales one can find evidence that already in those times Pu erh tea was grown by a strategist of Three emperors’ epochs Czuge Lian; that is why it is believed that Pu erh tea has been cultivated for more than 1700 years.

In the times of Tan dynasty Pu erh tea was called Buzi, it was grown in Injsen region (in the same climate zone as the modern Symao and Sisuan Banjna). Insjen tea was the predecessor of Pu erh tea. In the era of Juan dynasty it was called Pu tea. And only in the Min dynasty Min Vahj times it was called Pu erh tea. The cultivation of Pu erh tea burst into blossom in the times of Cin dynasty. In the book “Palace remarks on the care for Pu erh” it is said: “Pu erh grows on one of the most famous tea mountains… 800 miles around, hundreds of thousands of people climb into the mountains in order to grow it.” These times are the golden years of Pu erh tea. Sy Mao and Sisuan Banjna regions have become the main basis of growing Pu erh tea raw material. In the era of Min dynasty six ancient tea roads were built from Pu erh town, they were used for the transportation of Pu erh tea and the tea was sold for the continental China, Tibet, Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, and other countries. Also it was transported by sea to Hong Kong and Makao islands, Southeastern Asia and even Europe. In 1897 at first France, later England founded Sy Mao customs offices and in this way expanded Pu erh tea faraway export. Pu erh tea overland routes have achieved unseen prosperity.

Loco (Astragalus) strengthens from inside and outside, eliminates toxins, diuretic.

Sage rootstock. It regenerates blood, eliminates stasis, disperses tumors, alleviates pain.

Ginseng. Prevents cancer, suppresses cancer cell fission, reduces the amount of fat in the blood, has a cosmetic effect.

Chrysanthemum blossoms. Stabilize liver function, improves eyesight; dissipate “wind”, reduces fever.

Japanese honeysuckle. Reduces fever, cools blood, eliminates stasis, has a detoxicating effect.

Tea “Luwei” – is a perfect healthcare product, which satisfies the needs of a modern person. When used on a regular basis it is useful for the gullet, improves digestion, regenerates blood, eliminates stasis, reduces fever, has a detoxicating and cosmetic effect, helps to reduce blood pressure, reduces the amount of fat in the blood, supplements the vital energy, is an effective diuretic, etc.

Now we live in the highly developed civilized society, this is why our task is to properly solve the question about healthcare: disease in the organism develops for days and years, health is also accumulated every day.

Some people see health care as a very high-calorie nutrition, they consume a lot of meat and fish every day. But plentiful food unfortunately burdens spleen and stomach. Very fat food can cause hyperlipidemia, which is the reason of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis can cause heart and blood vessel diseases – the main enemy of human health. High-calorie food also increases the possibility to get large intestine cancer, dramatically increases the possibility to get breast cancer; besides, it is directly related to liver fattening and bile stone.

Before a meal or after you can swallow a few sips of tea “Luwei”, it will help to reduce considerably the amount of assimilated fat. In this way the tea will work as a reliable preventive measure against heart and brain blood vessel diseases, diabetes and other diseases. Besides the tea will always help for the organism to deal with food digestion and assimilation in the stomach, protect the organism from fat accumulation and cellulite.

If you have a free minute you can brew up a cup of “Luwei” tea and treat yourself to a sip of health and longevity!

It is recommended to drink the tea not any later than at 6 p.m.


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