Geriamasis eliksyras "Feniksas - Imperatoriškasis Kordicepsas" (Fohow Oral Liquid)

Oral liquid “Phoenix” (Fohow Oral Liquid)


It is a pride of traditional Chinese medicine technologies.

Net content: 30ml x 4 bottles

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Product Description

This preparation – a biological immune system regulator – is distinguished for a strong impact on a human body. It is widely used as an effective preventive measure, as well as in the cases of oncological, heart and blood vessel and other chronic diseases.

In the production of supplement oral liquid “Phoenix” Chinese Cordyceps (Cordyceps sinensis) is used, which grows in China, Qinghai-Tibet mountain range, this product also contains other higher fungus: Linchzhi (Ganoderma luciduiri), Aromatic fungus (Lentinus edodes) and other components.

In the production of the preparation oral liquid “Phoenix”, just like oral liquid “Sanbao” the most advanced methods of cell splitting and extraction methods are used: multifunctional low-temperature extraction, above critical extraction, effective multi component purification, effective colonial chromatography and vacuum concentration. The production of the preparation was based on molecular projection theory, this is why it was possible to achieve an optimal solubility of different biologically active components, a selection of chemical linkage energies, an interaction of molecular space structures and even better product assimilation.

Main ingredients:

  • Chinese Cordyceps – 75%
  • Linchzhi – 6%
  • Aromatic fungus – 6%
  • Young bamboo shoots – 5%
  • Honey – 2%

Expiration date:

18 months since the production date

Storing conditions:

store in a dark and dry place, keep an open bottle in a dark and cool place.

The method of taking of oral liquid “Phoenix” and oral liquid “Three treasures”

It is the best to take oral liquids when getting up in the mornings (from 6 to 9). Before taking it is recommended to rinse your mouth, brush your teeth and tongue and drink half a glass of warm water. Then take the required amount of the preparation, with the help of the enclosed straw, or in order to dose the preparation more accurately, graduated syringe. An open bottle should be kept in dark and cool place. You can have breakfast in about half an hour. If you use more than one Cordyceps preparation you can use them before lunch and dinner.

Preventive usage:

For adults – 3.0 – 5.0ml per day; duration – 1 – 2 months. Seasonal usage of the preparation is advisable – in spring and autumn and before the outburst of virus infections (flu, etc.).

For children smaller doses are prescribed, depending on their age.

Usage indications and duration in the cases of different diseases

Heart and blood vessel system diseases (atherosclerosis, cardiosclerosis, angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease, myocardium infarct, the condition after it, blood vessel thrombosis, thrombophlebits, irregular heartbeat, hypertonia, etc.): 2-3 months;

Digestive tract disorders (gastritis, ulcer, chronic pancreatitis, enterocolitis, colitis, disbacteriosis, etc.): 1 – 3 months;

Liver diseases (hepatitis, cirrhosis, bile cyst stone): 1 – 3months;

Endocrine system diseases (tireotoxicosis, diabetes, etc.): 2 – 3 months;

Pre cancer diseases (the first treatment stage): 1 package (4 bottles);

Malignant tumors (the first treatment stage): 1 package (4 bottles);

Haematology diseases (the first treatment stage): 1 package (4 bottles);

Acute virus diseases (adenovirus, flu): 5-10 days;

Other virus diseases (herpes, hepatitis, etc.): from 15 days to 2 months;

Purulent angina: rinse your mouth and drink: 2 – 3 weeks;

Eye diseases (cataract, glaucoma): drip into the eyes twice a day up to 2 months;

Nervous system exhaustion (insomnia, touchiness, neurosis, apathy, chronic tiredness): 1 – 2 month;

General organism exhaustion: 2 – 3 months;

Moving apparatus diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, etc.): 1 – 2 months (different Cordyceps preparations should be used for a long time);

Allergies: 3 – 4 months;

Autoimmune diseases: 3 – 4 months;

Blood diseases (the first treatment stage): 1 package (4 bottles);

Other diseases – treatment duration is chosen individually.

In the cases of cataract and glaucoma preparation oral liquid “Phoenix” should be dripped in the eyes 1 – 2 times a day. If there is a burning feeling in the eyes, the preparation can be diluted with distilled water in proportion 1:1 and dripping continued. Honey does not usually cause allergy, but if it happens, stop dripping. Treatment duration – up to 2 months.

In the cases of purulent angina, it is recommended to rinse the throat with preparation “Phoenix” (3 – 5ml) 2 – 3 times a day. Rinsing time – 3 – 5minutes.

In the cases of sudden fever with different viruses and bacterial infections, it is recommended to take large onetime doses of the preparation: approximately ½ of a bottle for adults, and if the effect is insufficient – it is possible to take more. Usually disease symptoms either disappear or weaken, and the fever subsides in from 20 – 30 minutes to 2 – 3 hours.

Oral liquid „Phoenix“

(Fohow Oral Liquid)

Fohow oral liquid „Phoenix“ was developed under the guidance of the famous modern medicine representative, „the doctor of contemporary imperors“, rector of the scientific research institute of traditional Chinese medicine professor Tang Youzhi. The application of the emperor’s family traditional formula in combination with the most modern bioengineering molecular theories and cell structure technologies, the incorporation of crioextraction and a special subnanometric cell membrane splitting technology has enabled to produce a unique oral liquid product “Phoenix”.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” consists of the following components:

Linchzhi (Ganoderma) also called “the herb of the immortal saint”. As in the ancient times Linchzhi used to cure from hundreds of syndromes and diseases, the term “the herb of the immortal saint” was coined by the folk. Linchzhi often used to literally raise from the dead.

Linchzhi is distinguished for the ability to enhance the immune potential of the organism, strengthen our health. It has some curing power against the diseases that are difficult to fight with when using other measures. Until now Linchzhi has been the only natural product in the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) which is able to penetrate into all five main meridians of the human organism (Heart, Liver, Lungs, Spleen, Stomach).

Recently the number of people suffering from cancer has grown considerably, the treating methods and measures are essentially intended to suppress the split and growth of cancer cells. Unfortunately, these methods and measures are usually followed by numerous side effects. Linchzhi protects from the side effect and also strengthens the treatment effect. Modern medicine researches have found that Linchzhi fungus contains a lot of Linchzhi acid and organic germanium, which is able to destroy cancer cells. Linchzhi is able to suppress the metastasis of cancer cells, relieve pain, extend life-expectancy. Now Linchzhi is the most effective measure for fighting cancer.

One of the most famous Japanese experts in the field of medicine Dun Jan from Japanese Scientific research institute Che Czim Jan has submitted the following definition: “Linchzhi is very effective in the cases of cancer diseases, it combines preventive, curative and regenerating effect.”

Taiwan Cancer diseases treatment center, Zunmin main hospital specialist Cen Guan Jao presented the following definition in his work “The research of Linchzhi effectiveness in the fight with cancer diseases”:

“Linchzhi (Ganoderma) spawn extract, when experimenting with young rats’ malignant connective (fiber) tissue tumors, demonstrated a striking destructive effect on cancer cells, and a clear suppressive effect on the cell metastasis from the center of the malignant tumor.

When experimenting with Linchzhi for its anti-cancer effect, it was concluded that Linchzhi extended the life expectancy of the tested animals, strengthened the organism resistance, reduced the animals’ death-rate”.

The USA center in memoriam of cancer victims (New York) and Veil Kornel hospital (medical center) in 1996 International conference, intended for the possibilities to use Linchzhi for cancer and AIDS treatment, announced the following: “Recently we in America have been using Linchzhi for cancer and AIDS treatment, this issue deserves some careful attention and research”.

In the compilation “Modern Linchzhi research” it is indicated , that the complexes extracted from Linchzhi contain 4 types of mono saccharides and 18 types of amino acids, that are able to suppress sarcoma S180 cell reproduction in up to 87,6% cases and destroy one third of tumors completely.

Chinese Cordyceps (cordyceps sinensis). It is equal to Ginseng and velvet antler. According to the TCM conception Cordyceps is one of the “three Chinese pearls”. Especially it is typical to the Chinese cordyceps, which grows in the western part of China, in the highlands of Tibet, Cinchaj-Tibet plane. Cordyceps is mythical and mysterious, because it is both – an animal and a plant. Traditionally it is called “insect-herb”. The life cycle of the Chinese cordyceps takes place underground and on the surface, in summer and winter, for several seasons.

Pharmaceutical collection of Chinese of vulnerary plants and herbs “Hcn-cuo-si-i” says the following: “Cordyceps penetrates into two meridians – lungs and kidney. It cures lots of deficiencies!” Since ancient times cordyceps has been widely used for treating couth and asthma, kidney deficiency, general laxity of the organism. An extremely striking effect is experienced in the cases of bronchitis, chronic couth, general weakness of the organism, susceptibility to colds, male impotence, prospermia, etc.

One can find a lot of information about cordyceps in the ancient classical Chinese medical sources.

“Universal Chinese pharmacopoeia”: cordyceps is sweet and warm, positively works on lungs and kidney; regenerates sperm and medulla, has haemostatic effect, excretes phlegm.

Pharmaceutical collection of Chinese of vulnerary plants and herbs “Hcn-cuo-si-i” says the following: “It cures lung deficiency, blood coughing up, cough, kidney deficiency, prospermia and spermatoria, hundreds of diseases and deficiencies”.

“Modern applied pharmacology”: it cures tuberculosis, senile dementia, chronic cough, asthma, blood coughing up, night perspiration and involuntary perspiration. It is also used in the cases of anemia, different deficiencies, spermatoria, senile cold, watery eyes.

Aromatic fungus (Siangu). It is also called Shiitake, winter mushroom, Lentinus edodes, Leminula edodes, Agaricus edodes. It has a typical smell, excelent qualities, is valuable from the nutritios and curative point of view. In the USA it was called „emperors‘ food“, in China – „mountain pearl“. The nutritious elements of the aromatic fungus are very important for the human health. It contains large amounts of vegetable protein: 100 grams of fungus contains 20 grams of protein. It contains a lot of different amino acids – even 8, 7 of which are necessary for a human organism.

Siangu is a treasury of many vitamins. It contains a lot of B group vitamins, big amounts of B1, B2, B12. Protects from anemia, strengtens nervs, it is a preventive measure against catarrh and dermatitis. It also contains vitamin D, improves the calcium assimilation. Vitamin C present in the aromatic fungus maintains normal circulation of sugar, work of nervous system, stimulates apetite.

The most important effect of the aromatic fungus is anticancer. Lentinan – Siangu polysaccharide – is a very strong regulator and immune factor. The anticancer effect of the aromatic fungus is obvious, it promotes the regeneration of the organism’s immune function when it is weakly because of the oncological process. Polysaccharides stimulate the production of antibodies, also improve and regulate the active defense of the internal organs. That is why it is recommended for the patients suffering from tumorous diseases to use more of aromatic fungus with their meals. It is able to reduce the amount of fat in the blood. Lentinan present in the aromatic fungus melts cholesterol, reduces the amount of fat in the blood, it is extremely important when suffering from heart and blood vessel diseases, and in the cases of hyperlipidemia.

Young bamboo shoots regulate IN in the lungs, stimulate the production of humoral liquid, suppress couth, sooth anxiety and negative emotions. Besides, they revitalize the pancreas insula cell work, increase the amount of glycogen in the liver, reduce the amount of sugar in the blood, etc. As this plant can improve the heart work, it also has a positively influence in the cases of diabetes and heart diseases.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” – is a perfect raw material, ideal formula and modern technologies (crioextraction, the most expensive component – cordyceps spawn, subnanometric cell membrane splitting and almost 100% output).

Millions of users, excellent results and their gratitude testify the fact, that oral liquid “Phoenix” is characterized by 8 different effects:

1. Strengthens the immune-defensive function of the organism. Cordyceps polysaccharides are especially effective modern immune regulators.

Oral liquid “Phoenix”, which contains Linchzhi and Cordyceps, strengthens cellular and humoral immunity and affects both functions. It stimulates lymphocyte growth and increases the production of immunoglobulin. Also it activates NK cells, increases the comparative weight of the immune system organs (thyme gland, spleen, liver), in this way it strengthens the organism’s resistance to different diseases. It is especially recommended after the recovery from diseases or if the rehabilitation period has continued for too long; also for those who are very susceptible to colds (in the cases of colds its efficiency is up to 90%, in the cases of fever – up to 61%).

2. Prevention and treatment of cancer.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” contains Linchzhi polysaccharides (lentinan), Cordyceps acid, uridine, adenine, triterpen, poly peptine, glicoproteid, ferment, protein, a lot of amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B12, K, C, alkaloid and other potent components, also kalium, natrium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, selenium and other biologically active micro elements. They affect a human organism both individually and jointly – on the principle of synergy.

Linchzhi and cordyceps spawn generally acts as a stimulator of already functioning activity of cells; these are LAK cells (lymphocyne – activated killers), which “wake up” under the influence of T – cells, macrophags M 8, natural killers NK – cells, lymphocytes, etc.) and stimulating cell factor (interferon IFM, interleucine IL, tumor necrosis factor TNF, colony stimulating factors CSF), strengthening biological reticuloedotel system activity changes and destroying tumorous cells; in this way the control over the tumor growth is begun and its reduction is achieved.

Practically it works in the following way:

It vitalizes and activates the organism’s powers in the fight with tumorous cells, makes them vulnerable by immune cells – killers, restores and strengthens the organism’s sensitivity to tumorous cells, strengthens anticancer immunity, eliminates free radicals, dramatically strengthens SOD (superoxidedissmutation) activity in the organism, reduces the surface potential of cancer cells, causes a repeated mutation of the cancer genome and even controlled necrosis process of tumorous cells. Also the DNA of the protein and the synthesis of RNA in the medulla is activated, the proliferation of medulla cells is accelerated, the blood production function of the medulla is strengthened.

Linchzhi acid is able to destroy cancer cells.

Experiments with animals have revealed that this oral liquid strongly inhibits many types of implanted cancer: it is 82.5 – 89.1% effective in the cases of Raveis cancer; 58.7 – 76.2% effective in the cases of leukemia P-388; up to 62.1% effective in the cases of liver cancer AH – 13, AH – 7974, AH – 66F; 83.1 – 92% effective in the cases of sarcoma 180; 72.2 – 85.7% effective in the cases of Erlich ascites carcinoma (EAC); 42.7 – 56% effective in the cases of ascites liver cancer; 86 – 98% effective in the cases of miofibroplastic sarcoma.

The oral liquid reinforces the curative effect: when using the preparation during the radio- and chemotherapy, the inhibiting anticancer effect is achieved, in this way the efficiency of chemotherapy is increased by 68.3 – 76.5%, the duration of chemotherapy is reduced by 26%, the efficiency of radiotherapy is increased by 26.5 – 33.9%.

It provides the organism with a possibility to cure cancer: it brings back the frustrated, almost in the jaws of death, and conservative patients to the treatment process at the present stage of the disease! It gives the patient a possibility to continue chemotherapy and treatment to 12.8 – 26.6% out of general number of patients. When the preparation is used after the tumor removal operation, the rehabilitation and wound healing is accelerated, and this provides the right conditions to start chemo- and radiotherapy.

It suppresses the fast outspread of the tumor: it gives a possibility to partly solve a question about acid and liquid accumulation in the chest.

It reduces side toxic reactions: it reduces the influence of toxins after radio- and chemotherapy, relieves the situation in the cases of medulla inhibition. For 82.6 – 86.3% of patients leucocyte number remains within the mark; 52.8 – 67.5% of patients do not experience sickness, and for others the sickness subsides in 3-4 days; 16.5 – 25% of patients stop losing hair; for 96% of patients nutrition and sleep normalize.

It improves the quality of life: throughout the disease period patients experience an improved quality of life, food consumption is increased, sleep is improved, patients become livelier and physically strong. For 92 % of patients the number of lymphocytes normalizes, for 58% of patients constipation disappears, for 73% of patients pain is alleviated, 65% of patients staying in bed start getting up and walking.

Life expectancy is increased: for all the patients who use the preparation during the treatment the earlier predicted life expectancy is increased.

3. Regulates respiratory system diseases

Oral liquid “Phoenix” is distinguished for excellent anaesthetizing effect on the trachea straight muscles, suppresses asthma, stimulates coughing up, reduces coughing, acts as an antiseptic, anti inflammatory, suppresses the infection process; increases the resistance of the organism to different respiratory diseases, obvious positive results are achieved in the cases of chronic bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other lung diseases.

4. Liver protection

Oral liquid “Phoenix” is distinguished for an antitoxic effect and protects liver; stimulates the circulation of medicine and toxins in the liver; protects the structure of liver cells; strengthens effectively liver functions.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” stimulates the regeneration of affected liver cells. In the cases of virus hepatitis its efficiency is up to 83%. It is very effective in the cases of liver inflammation, liver sclerosis, hepatitis B and other cases.

5. Heart and blood vessel system, cerebral blood vessel diseases

Oral liquid “Phoenix” is distinguished for double regulation in the case of hypertonia: it relaxes effectively coronary arteries, expands capillary vessels, reduces the amount of cholesterol and fat in the blood, prevents from thrombus formation and stimulates their resorption, stimulates blood circulation, protects myocardium from blood deficiency (ischemia), sharply reduces the formation of atherosclerosis plates. It has a perfect supplementary and preventive effect in the cases of ischemic heart diseases, myocardium blood deficiency (ischemia), angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, hypotonia, hypertonia, hyperlipidemia, encephalopathy, and other cases.

Doses: it is recommended to use daily 2 bottles in the morning and evening for 2 months without breaks.

6. Prevention and treatment of diabetes

Oral liquid “Phoenix” stimulates the activation of glucose metabolism and in this way reduces the insulin concentration in the blood serum, which depends on the amount of sugar in the blood; is distinguished for en excellent supplementary effect in the cases of ischemic disease caused by diabetes, hypertonia, etc. Besides, it is able to regenerate the affected kidney glomerulas, it has a double curative and regenerating effect in the cases of nephritis, kidney deficiency, uraemia, etc.

7. Regulates central nervous system, improves the quality of sleep, suppresses the symptoms of the climacteric period.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” is distinguished for the ability to sooth nerves, alleviate pain, a clear improvement is experienced in the cases of insomnia, forgetfulness, dizziness, knee joint pain, pains of different origin, also in the cases of impotence, spermatoria, and other disorders the efficiency is up to 96%. Besides, it works perfectly in the cases of climacteric period syndrome complex, which comes through as general tiredness, nervousness, irritation, disturbed sleep or insomnia, endocrine system imbalance, etc.

8. Helpful in the cases of tiredness syndrome, alcohol abuse, works as a supplementary detoxifying measure.

Fatigue is usually caused by unreasonable sport loads and hard work; it increases the amount of free radicals in the organism and lipid peroxidation. Oral liquid “Phoenix” is able to eliminate from the organism a surplus of free radicals, it means the reasons of lipid peroxidation are eliminated. This is why not only more favorable conditions for the organism to recover from fatigue are created, but it is prevention from exhaustion and other symptoms.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” – how much benefit is there in one box?

It works in the cases of fatigue, chronic tiredness.

Working night shifts or a night up with a child can cause tiredness. One box of oral liquid “Phoenix” will do to suppress tiredness. This product is also suitable for athletes who experience overloads at workouts.

It improves sleep, regulates insomnia.

Linchzhi, an ingredient of oral liquid “Phoenix”, is distinguished for the soothing effect on the nervous system, improves the quality of sleep.

It should be emphasized that oral liquid “Phoenix” causes vigor not because of hormones or caffeine, as it does not include them; sleep is improved because of soothing substances and other components! This sharp double effect appears because of the regulatory action and balancing of all the systems of the organism, this is a double regulation. Oral liquid “Phoenix” also has a double effect on blood pressure and the amount of sugar in the blood.

It is helpful against colds.

Right after catching a cold, when the first symptoms and general ailment are experienced, one should take ½ of a bottle and it is possible to get rid of the illness symptoms and avoid the main phase of it.

Anti alcohol action

If one takes ½ of a bottle before using alcohol, it is possible to avoid consequences even if the limit is exceeded; also if one takes ½ of a bottle of oral liquid “Phoenix” after a large dose of alcohol, it is possible to avoid the hangover syndrome, headache, tiredness, pains in the limbs and other symptoms.

It visibly suppresses cough, asthma symptoms.

Unceasing cough is tiring after a cold or bronchial or lung diseases, followed by cough and asthma. In cases like that one should use it twice a day – in the morning and evening. Actually, the effect is experienced on the very first days. One has to use it for a long time. For constantly coughing children the effect is striking.

Oral liquid “Phoenix” – is a classical fusion, ideal combination of the Traditional Chinese medicine formula and modern scientific biotechnologies. There is an essential difference between Western pharmacology and Traditional Chinese pharmacy methodology and ideology. Western medicine defines the state of a disease and health in encoded standards, uses drastic measures to repress a disease, with the help of antibiotics, scalpel, radiotherapy, and Chinese medical culture emphasizes complex general regulation, stressing gradual transition from quantity to quality, while maintaining and cherishing the search for resources and attempts to completely eliminate the reason of the disease. In the West health care tradition pays a lot of attention to “organism cleaning” and “supplementing” of the organism resources (with minerals, vitamins). But in the West there is no understanding – no attention is paid – the miracle is not perceived – of such a function of the organism as a regulatory function.

“Regulation” – is a basis, the most important functional secret of TCM and Traditional Chinese pharmacy. With the help of regulation, there is achieved a complete balance among the elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water, among the inner systems of a human body, harmonizing the “inner Universe, restoring the balance between IN and YAN elements. Oral liquid “Phoenix” – is a unique ancient formula, perfect top quality raw material, the most modern technology – three essential priorities, that make oral liquid “Phoenix” the best in the series of preparations “regulation” among the measures of our traditional healthcare culture.




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