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Say goodbye to insomnia – sleep researcher FOHOW. With long-term use pads decreases the time falling asleep and number of awakenings, increased sleep time.

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The unique design of snoring pillow fits snugly neck and head offices. Designed with high margins and indentation in the center of the cushion perfectly supports the cervical muscles and reduces the load on them. The arcuate design allows both sides of the cushion as the lock head while sleeping on his back or on his side, causing the cervical muscles, shoulder and head sections to the maximum relaxed position. The product effectively relieves pain and aches myshsch shoulder and cervical spine, snoring reduces, prevents backache, neck, allows you to enjoy a healthy and sweet dream. Soft magnets sewn into a pillow form a magnetic field, so that the full head, improves the supply of oxygen department, improvement of microcirculation in the head, neck and shoulder sections, the elimination of brain fatigue, improving sleep quality, calm and relax the body.

The unique three-dimensional design provides breathable functional cushion FOHOW, the outer layer is decorated with beautiful patterns, soft, flexible and pleasant to the touch. Combined with the superb design of jacquard fabric cotton product looks even more elegant.


The four main functions of health-functional pads FOHOW:

Say goodbye to insomnia – sleep researcher FOHOW. The combination of high technology and physical therapy to speed up the process of entering into a state of sleep and improve sleep quality. With long-term use pads decreases the time falling asleep and number of awakenings, increased sleep time.

Enjoying the comfort 365 days of the year. In the process of developing FOHOW cushions used functional materials, which constantly produce infrared rays and anions, creating the most favorable conditions for sleep. These materials do not have restrictions on the use of time during the day, make it possible to a healthy life every day, 365 days a year.

Improved blood circulation and microcirculation. Ergonomically designed cushion, combined with functional materials can improve microcirculation, increase blood oxygen saturation, as much as possible to relax the body.

Improvement in the style of Yang-Sheng: achieving health during sleep. With the establishment of eco-friendly environment for healthy sleep, are activated and increase the body’s ability to heal itself, achieved healing effect.

1/3 of the time of his life a person spends during sleep, so choosing the right pillow extremely important for high-quality and healthy sleep, which determines the quality of work and life in the remaining 2/3 of the time of life. Functional wellness pillow snoring – it is absolutely safe, modern way to improve the quality of your sleep without changing the traditional way of life!


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