Functional health goggle Fohow


Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm

Inflammation of 4-14 microns inflammatory cells improves blood microcirculation, eliminates local pain, improves blood flow, relieves local pain, has a nerve calming function, the location of which is painful, and a functional scar on it can be applied.

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Product Description

FOHOW functional sanitary napkin

Functional Product Characteristics:

Lowers inflammation and swelling

Long infrared rays improve blood circulation, thereby enhancing immunity, treating local inflammation, and anion-releasing scarves, which has antibacterial properties, speeds up the body’s recovery.

Fits tiredness

It accelerates the removal of carbon dioxide and lactic acid, while the anions improve the area of ​​the body where the skeletal protective field is applied to help relieve tiredness. Seated workers can put a skateboard on a chair.

Cosmetic effects

By direct contact with the skin, the scarf cleans the clogged pores of the skin, removes heavy metals, lactic acid and other harmful substances, make-up residues, promotes their removal through the skin during sweating, provides skin’s health.



  • Outer layer: 100% Fohow pure wool jacquard fabric;
  • Lining: 100% Fohow functional material;
  • Lower layer: 100% Fohow pure wool potato fabric;
  • Edges: Colored fabric;


Blood or in case of bleeding, hyperthyroidism, active phase tuberculosis, and post stroke.

Who is this product for?

Often people who are suffering from pain, people with poor health, seniors, caring for health, often middle-aged people with stress and fatigue.

Handling and maintenance instructions

  • Wash with water or neutral pH water and soap mixture;
  • Hand wash with water below 40 ° C;
  • Washing machine after washing in washing bag;
  • Can not be dried and drilled by an automatic washing machine;
  • In order to avoid deformation of the product, it is not recommended to compare, dry in a dry and well-drained place, avoid direct sunlight.

Washing instruction

  • Wash at temperatures below 40 ° C, easy to rinse;
  • Do not dry in the sun;
  • Do not dry at high temperatures on the radiator;
  • Do not wash with chlorine;
  • Do not iron;


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