Fohow functional silk quilt


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Natural silk is the thinnest natural protein fiber with unique properties to absorb moisture and regulate body temperature depending on the season and ambient temperature. The structure of silk fiber is close to the structure of human skin. Due to the natural properties of silk, it is considered the most suitable fabric for bedding and a filler for high-end blankets and pillows.

Exclusive properties of silk: smooth, breathable, light, gentle, well absorbs moisture, does not cause allergic skin reactions.

Fohow functional silk blanket has high air permeability, excellent heat retention and ease of use.
Made of natural silk and tencel.

Tencel is a new fiber made from natural high-quality cellulose extracted from eucalyptus tree shoots, made using modern nano technology. It is hypoallergenic, ecological, bacteriostatic, safe for the human body, durable and does not lose these properties even after many washes.

When the functional layer of the blanket comes into contact with human skin, low-frequency infrared rays with a wavelength of 4-14 microns and anions (negatively charged ions) are emitted.

This improves the microcirculation (blood supply) and metabolism (nutrient supply and elimination of unnecessary substances) of human tissues.

Size 150 × 215 cm.


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