Faradization thermal neck belt


Faradization thermal neck belt (and for medium joints)

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The procedures recommended for people of all ages. Procedural content is not limited, however, to remember that the greatest effect is achieved when the sessions are carried out at frequent and regular basis.

Before using the service lane surface should be wetted (spray or damp palm of your hand), encircle the right place and stapled stickers. The effect begins at 5 – 10 minutes. (Depending on the sensitivity of the skin) are seen heat. (It should be emphasized that this is not mustard leaves and not a simple heating – not just burn up to a total use of any traces, such as redness or top layer of skin temperature rise will not).

Recommended usage time 10 – 30 min. When it is burning, it is necessary to take off zone. Gird is not recommended to be more than 5 hours. If you stay in a gird bar long, they do not need to irrigate, then going slow infrared effect without burning effect. This mode can be used for the burning of fat accumulation. The neck band to be twice a day. Sleep with the tape is not recommended.


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