Revitalizing corrective underwear FOHOW – this is the second skin of women. All women need underwear quality underwear gives a woman a feeling of comfort and safety, a direct impact on her emotional state.

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Shaping lingerie FOHOW has the following features:

It allows you to return the body fat in those areas where it is necessary to concentrate it in the chest and buttocks. Applying this underwear, a woman reaches 6 main goals: increasing the breast, aligns the back, makes the waist thinner, tightens the stomach, lifts the buttocks, thighs makes more slender. Thus, this product allows a woman to save and restore the graceful S-shaped figures line.

The operating principle of corrective underwear FOHOW.

female fat body can move. In line with the growth direction of the fat, it allows scientifically distribute body fat. Thus, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the structure and the optimal ( “gold”) of the female body proportions, corrective underwear helps women “sculpt” a beautiful figure.

What is the importance of the S-obraenoy figure for any woman

1. Beautiful sexy figure will always attract to you the views of men. It will help you keep love and marriage.

2.Podderzhivaya figure in good condition, you can still win a lot of love to your children. For children, the word “mother” is sacred. Every child hopes that its mother will always be young and beautiful.

3. The ideal figure gives a woman confidence. And self-confidence helps women succeed in work or business, to realize their potential, gain importance in the eyes of others. Thus, from the beautiful figure it depends not only on visual appeal, but also much more important aspects of a woman’s life.

4. Diets allows you to get rid of a number of different diseases caused by fullness, such as hypertension, heart disease, thrombosis.


Causes, effects which have a negative impact on the beautiful figure of a woman

1. Under the influence of Earth’s gravity soft fat woman’s body moves. This leads to sagging of the female breast. According to experts, under the influence of Earth’s gravity, the woman’s breasts sag annually more than 0.02 cm. The most correct position of the female breast is when the chest at the level 1/2 shoulder. But with age, under the influence of Earth’s gravity, breasts lose their beautiful shape. If the woman’s breast is lower than half the shoulder, it is considered breast deformity.

2. Childbirth can also adversely affect the figure of a woman. After the birth of the child in the abdomen and lower back women appear fat. And there are cases when a woman waist loses its beauty and become like a “lifeline”.

3. Irregular eating habits (overeating) – is the main cause of the deterioration of shape and fullness.

4. Bce women use underwear. But women really know how to wear underwear, a little. If the underwear is too small in size, it is very tight squeezes fat chest and back. This can lead to the formation of “four breasts”, and in more severe cases cause mastitis or other diseases. The use of linen, which is large in size leads to the fact that the woman’s breasts loses elasticity, becomes sagging. As a result, fat chest area “spreads”, having fat on the back. Too short corsets cut the fat in the abdominal area. Waist increases in size, spoil the figure. Similarly, the wrong choice of panties leads to cutting the fat buttocks. Sag buttocks, thighs get fat.

5. A woman who sits or stands incorrectly, also runs the risk of ruin beautiful figure line. Beautiful (right) pose not only allows a woman to look noble and elegant, but also helps it to maintain a good figure.

6. Age – is the main enemy of beauty. Over the years, the human figure is slowly changing.


The danger of electromagnetic radiation to the human body
With the rapid development of electronic technology, electronic equipment is increasingly being used in industry, agriculture, military, transport, health, education, the arts and many other areas of our lives. Sovereign can say that the modern world can not do without electronics. Existing high-frequency mobile communication, radar, television, radio, navigation equipment, with the aim to obtain a broader range of radiation emitted in the surrounding area a strong electromagnetic radiation, which in turn has a direct impact on the environment and our health.
Electromagnetic radiation is potentially dangerous for the human body. And in the case of improper use of equipment or neglecting the time of its use, this risk increases significantly. However, modern society is no longer able to refuse effusing electromagnetic radiation equipment production and use, which is closely related to our daily life, such as televisions, cell phones, microwave ovens and other household and personal items. To this list can also add hardware used on television, radio, in aviation (radars, navigation systems), etc. While many electrical appliances meet the requirements of the national standard for the amount of radiation, but when alone safe electromagnetic waves affect the complex, or accumulate in the human body, sooner or later, their influence would be unsafe, especially for people with weak immune systems and pregnant women.
We can say that our environment is thoroughly permeated by waves of electromagnetic radiation!
The electromagnetic radiation when exposed to the surface of the human body is partially blocked by the skin, clothes or refracted but partially penetrates the epidermis layer and accumulates in the body, causing damage to all tissues of the body, including nerve cells, resulting in the following diseases:
1.Golovokruzhenie, fatigue, insomnia, neurasthenia;
2.Serdechno disease, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, autonomic dysfunction;
3.Aborty, malformation of the fetus;
4.Narusheniya menstrual cycle in women, decreased sexual function in men, hair loss and graying of hair;
5.Leykoz (especially dangerous for children), cancer, tumors, damage to the immune system, asymptomatic injury.
So, to support an amazingly beautiful figure, to preserve the health and beauty, to protect against harmful izlucheniy- whether one thing to give us all this time?
The answer is – of course. And now let’s get acquainted with functional wellness corrective underwear FOHOW.
Functional corrective underwear recreation FOHOW
The energy-shaping lingerie FOHOW with anti-radiation effect – is a product of advanced scientific technology that brings together the power of the natural methods of physical therapy and traditional Chinese medicine theory of biologically active points and energy channels. During its development the principles applied physiology and mechanics of the human body and modern textile technology. This type FOHOW underwear not only corrects the figure, but also has a superstrong energy properties of natural minerals, by which it has on the body curative effect of physiotherapy.


Are you familiar with the energy?
1. What is the origin of natural energy minerals?
In 1941 the Japanese volcano, geologists found the natural magnetic minerals that have tremendous energy, which is able to absorb and release the cosmic energy from the atmosphere and create a resonance with the spectrum of cosmic energy. These minerals – is the magma that formed after the eruption of the volcano, as a result of tectonic movements in the earth’s crust. Over 20 mln. Years they accumulated energy in the earth’s interior, which is why their power is so strong. Over the past years in the research and experiments carried out over the minerals, with constant technological progress, minerals, possessing cosmic energy began to be used more widely in industries such as medicine, cosmetics, textile and food industries, environmental protection, etc.
2. What are the distinctive features of the energy linen FOHOW?
The composition of corrective underwear FOHOW materials include natural energy minerals. They emit negative ions have the property and far infrared rays. In addition, crushed to 10-23 cm energy minerals available in the material produces vibrations 299000 times per second, generating tremendous energy. Their energy field created by more than 70 members and has a range of action of 13-15 cm.
3. What are the benefits to the human body with energy?
A. Energy minerals have the property of long-wave infrared radiation, which provides the body with the local “heating”, improves microcirculation, stimulates metabolism, increases immunity. Using this property is also achieved significant effect of disease prevention, elimination of odors and moisture, and also bacteriostatic effect.
B. The negatively-charged ions (anions) allocated to energy minerals FOHOW linen, called “air vitamins”. They purify the air, have a bactericidal effect, providing protection from unpleasant odors, improve sleep. Therefore, energy underwear FOHOW has good help in the treatment of hypertension, asthma, influenza, insomnia, arthritis and burns.
C. It is scientifically proven that natural energy minerals have natural energy, environmentally friendly and absolutely safe. They emit negative ions and have the property dlinnovolnogo infrared radiation. In addition, they create resonance biological variations (bioresonance), which are effective to convert a group of macromolecules in mikromolekulyarnye structure and remove them from the body, purify the human body’s cells from harmful components, and quickly remove toxins, harmful chemical substances and metabolic products; improve blood circulation, metabolism, assimilation of nutrients by the body; improve immunity.


Recreational and corrective underwear FOHOW with anti-radiation effect.

Material: linen is made of 420 denier fiber of the American company “DuPont.” Its elasticity is 7 times greater than the elasticity of the material from which made a simple linen. Our material has a hexagonal diamond-shaped weave. Therefore, it absorbs sweat and helps to remove it, good air permeability. The material is added to the energy minerals. Their advantage is that they emit long-wave infrared radiation and negatively charged ions, which improves blood circulation, have a bactericidal effect. linen Design provides the most optimal gold woman’s body proportions. Due to volume, stereometrically cut method, underwear, leaving sufficient space for those areas that need to increase, and effectively supports the areas that need to be reduced.
(1) The fibers comprise natural silk peptides. Therefore, the fabric is as smooth as silk, she interacts well with the skin does not cause irritation. As part of the tissue are plant fibers, which are well leak air, and absorb moisture. Therefore, corrective underwear FOHOW warm in winter and cool in summer. The fabric from which linen is made, contains fiber, which is very soft, supple and resistant to stretching. The fabric structure also includes materials having a far-infrared radiation properties. Infrared impact “burns” the excess fat, eliminate toxins through the sweat glands displays fats, stimulates the metabolism, improves blood circulation of the skin.
(2) Fabric underwear held a special treatment, which allowed it to clear of harmful substances to the human body. Thus, there has been the effect of prevention of allergic skin reactions, fiber reinforced function. Fabric has become even softer. It is even better fits the skin, has a healing effect on it, makes the skin soft and fresh.
(3) In the manufacture of tissue was used hexagonal weaving technology (in the form of honeycomb). With this fabric has uniform elastic properties. Thanks to zones with increased pressure allows you to remove fat folds. It is resistant to stretching in different directions, so it is durable and wearable.
(4) The fabric material of the bra, corset and panties sewn energy minerals. They stimulate the biologically active points, improve the metabolism of the female reproductive system organs, improve the physiological function of uterus and ovaries, regulate the internal secretion of the female body, serve for the prevention of gynecological diseases, thus providing very beneficial effect on the health of women.
(5) The fabric contains a unique anti-radiation material that effectively protects your body from various harmful radiation outside world, like a protective umbrella for our body.
Because of individual differences inherent in each human figure, bra, corset and pants have a separate design and are made to order, after the body measurements needed parameters. Stereometric cutting method takes into account the physiological characteristics of the human body. Linen FOHOW has uniform elasticity. Firmly adhering to the figure and honing it, it does not cause discomfort, not “glued”.


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