Fohow Sanitary Napkin (6 boxes 30 pcs. each)


In the special days, FOHOW series of sanitary napkins will give the most attentive care to all the ladies!

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Product Description

FOHOW series of sanitary napkins are divided into daytime-use and night-use napkins types, and sanitary pads. They are high-tech and patented menstrual health and hygiene supplies for females which combine physical effects of nano-silver ions, far infrared and negative ion together. All these products are green natural, healthy and safe with unique efficacies of being antibacterial, dispelling peculiar smell, promoting the micro-circulation and maintaining the micro-ecological balance of body. In the special days, FOHOW series of sanitary napkins will give the most attentive care to all the ladies!

Gifts in each pack of product: vaginal test card (Apply the vaginal secretions on the test paper with cotton swab; compare with the color card under normal light after 30 seconds, then you will reach a conclusion. (Normal, mild inflammation and severe inflammation)

 Main materials:

  • three-in-one function chip
  • perforated non-woven fabrics
  • macromolecule composite paper
  • dust-free paper
  • permeability back film
  • food-grade adhesive
  • non-fluorescent release paper

 Main functions:

  • nano-silver ions and far infrared effect
  • generate the negative ions
  • be antibacterial and dispel peculiar smell
  • promote the micro-circulation
  • maintain the micro-ecological balance of body

 Product combinations:

10 packs of daytime-use sanitary napkins (10 pieces)

4 packs of night-use sanitary napkins (8 pieces)

5 packs of sanitary pads (30 pieces)

General introduction:

Survey the reserved samples under the room temperature of all the production lot produced from June to September, 2009. Randomly choose of the samples from three lots (20060602, 20060720 and 20060905) for overall inspection and all the results are within the acceptable range, from which we can know that the provision on guarantee period of 36 months is safe and rational.


The properties of the products have no evident changes by restoring for 36 months in the normal temperature; the 36-month guarantee period is safe and proper.


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